Tool of the Week - Cool Mass Order Novelty Stores - CampHacker #9

Today the annual catalogue arrived from Rhode Island Novelty.  This is like Christmas (insert your favorite holiday if Christmas isn't your thing) for camp directors in February.


There are so many things that I could order - but I need to be careful - you have to order most things by the dozen.

A few examples from the Rhode Island Novelty Catalog:

  • 2" Squeeze Foam Eyeball Balls - 36 Dozen (432 Balls) - $129.60 or $0.30 per ball
  • Glow in the Dark Yo-yo - $3.90 per dozen
  • Disguise Glasses (eyebrows, nose, glasses & mustache) - $16.20 for 144

Here is a short list of some company websites: - Oriental Trading Company - We have dealt with them to order coins and stuff - American Based - Rhode Island Novelty - Use to deal with them at another camp - American Based - Fun Services - Never dealt with them - but wanted Canadian Content - Canadian Based.

You can sell many of these things in your tuck shop - imagine paying $0.12 per set of disguise glasses and selling them for a buck...just a thought.

Joe Richards