Success is...

I just came across some quotes that I had sitting on my desk.

Last year I ran an 8 hour workshop at the 

Buckeye Leadership Workshop

on Creating a Culture of Success.  One of the first things we did in the session was have everyone write out what they thought success was, here are their responses.

  • Success is being able to pull a group together, while having fun, so they can accomplish a task later.
  • Success is that my staff feel comfortable, confident & satisfied in all that they do.  This in tow will ensure that the campers have the best experience.
  • In general, success is accomplishing a goal (very general).
  • Success, in the context of summer camp, is when the campers become part of the community of fun, learning, friendship and courage.  The campers go away with new experiences, knowledge & self-realization.
  • At camp success is everything going smoothly, everyone having fun and making good memories and meeting new people.  The kids enjoying themselves and getting as much out of it as they can.
  • Success is having positive impact on growth and confidence of others.
  • Success is execution of the camp that created a safe environment to grow & learn new skills while having a complete blast.
  • Success (noun; adj: successfully) 1) the summer runs safely without any physical or emotional injuries to staff or participants; 2) somehow, someone, somewhere learns something; 3) there are more smiles than frowns; 4) when campers and staff leave, they can't wait to come back.
  • In a county 4-H setting success could be defined as achieving goals at the county and state level.  It also could be considered as having a group of young interested members who are enjoying and doing well in projects.
  • Success for me is - everyone eating lunch together; kids going home dirty; parents asking children specific questions about their day; volunteers coming back year after year; teens stepping up to be leaders.
  • Success is positively affecting others in methods of teaching and leadership
  • Success as a General Manager: making all financial goals; making all operational goals; growing my team to next; creating a "fish" environment; balancing work & life to a create happiness.
  • Success is: 1) a staff that works together as a unit to achieve a safe and positive camp experience for our campers; 2) as well as growing in their own personal skill set and abilities.
  • Success is 1) build mutual respect-consistently; 2) develop self confidence; 3) dedication to self-improvement; 4) attitude of openness; 5) service-heart oriented
  • As a wellness coordinator, success is having active voluntary participation in programs, along with positive attitudes and high moral.
  • As a camp staffer, success is having a staff that works well as a team and presents a program that pleases campers and encourages them to learn and discover.  It is also having campers that want to return and bring their friends to camp.
  • Success is - staff invest themselves in campers and in camp - staff grow & mature - program develops & evolves - campers leave with positive change.
  • Success is everyone works & plays happily together & supports each other.

Interesting responses - thought we can use these to think about before the summer.

Joe Richards

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