Tri-State Camp Conference Program Chair - Interview

Dan and I had the great pleasure to speak with Gregg Licht, the program chair person of the Tri-State Camp Conference Committee.

Listen here:


Interview with Gregg Licht: Tri-State Camp Conference

It sounds like they are trying cool new things at this year's conference such as:

  • Extra value sessions - a series of multi-slot conference sessions that will allow speakers to get in to detail on fascinating subjects
  • Grab & Go Thursdays - if you want to be part of a discussion about a topic that really interests you then grab your paper-bag lunch and find the hosted conversation over the lunch break
  • topics that work for new camp directors and... (not old) _experienced_ camp directors.

Beth and I are looking forward to our trip to Tri-State this year.  It will be great see fellow CampHacker host Dan Weir in the flesh!

The camp community has been so great to the CampHacker crew (Beth & I and our writers and podcast hosts) we hope you introduce yourself at the conference.