Only Camps That Teach Will Succeed

Will Your Summer Camp Win The Competition For Parents' Dollars?

I believe that selling parents on the educational value of what we do as summer camps is essential to success.

Families are focussing their children's activities based on the future "success" that activity will bring.

That means:

  • We need to understand the very real educational value of what we do
  • We learn to sell summer camp as great teaching experience
  • "Camp is FUN!" holds less and less value as a marketing tool**

Check out this video for the book Teaching 2030.   Although written about education, I think this video can help us examine the skills that we provide and tell our story better.

Speaking of telling stories (a major element of my Social Media Marketing Summer Camps presentations), I love the illustrative style of this presentation.  You staff will learn better if you carefully consider your presentation style.  Time to abandon "TITLE, Bullet Points" in your Powerpoints. Seriously.  No one learns when they are bored.

What do YOU do to show parents what YOU can teach their kids?

**Don't get me wrong.  Camp is fun and should stay that way. In fact, it's an essential part of what we do.   I just don't think it works in marketing what we do.