How do I make this the best camp staff ever? Part 1

Now that you have hired all your summer camp staff...

Build Camp Community Before Summer


Part 1

Your Staff Package - Be Clear AND Specific 

photo by Travis Allison (@ Camp Ouareau)

  • Be sure to include detailed lists of everything your staff will need to know before they arrive at camp (ex. how time off works, when and how they get paid, what they need to bring to camp - from clothing to first aid kit contents and everything in between)
  • Copies of all necessary forms:  contract (2 copies - 1 for you and 1 for them), police check, health form, parental permission forms if they are underage
  • Dates they need to know and remember
  • New and exciting programmes for them to get excited about
  • Remember to use this package to set the tone for your summer  - be creative, choose your language carefully, outline your expectations, express your excitement!

Life Online:

  • Host an online forum for all staff
  • Post fun questions and camp surveys
  • Encourage the sharing of news, upcoming events (like a concert that staff may wish to attend together)
  • Answer questions staff may have (or ask returning staff members to answer them)
  • allow staff to post requests for support they may require
  • Ask your senior staff members to use the forum to get staff input for programme ideas
  • Share photos of new buildings as they go up in early spring or new canoes as they are purchased
  • Be sure to take a few moments each morning to monitor conversations taking place

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How do you build your camp staff community before the summer?