Great Moments In Camping


Tradition is so important at Camp.

We all work hard each year to create and continue lasting wonderful memories for our campers and staff members.

Great Moments in Camping

A great way we have found to preserve memories AND acknowledge all the right things about camping is with GMICs.  These are Great Moments In Camping.  At the end of each week, ask your staff members to share their GMIC’s.  These include recognition for going the extra mile, for building people’s self-esteem and for putting other people first.  We try to avoid stories about funny things that happened on days off, etc., and focus on the amazing moments that staff have had with each other and with our campers.  As each one is shared aloud, a book is passed around and staff members are asked to record their GMIC’s.  We have had our book since 1997 and it is still going strong!  Each year a different staff person designs a cover page for that particular year.  (Our thanks to Jeff Bradshaw of Camp Wenonah for the original idea)

Rejoicing Wall

Create a rejoicing wall where campers and staff can write their most amazing camp moments and things they are thankful for on small pieces of paper and place them between stones on a wall (an existing wall or one you build for this purpose).  At the end of the summer, take everyone to your wall to look at the many pieces of paper and reflect on the amazing things people were thankful for this year.  Do not read the papers or ever remove them from the wall.  Just keep adding on each year.

What do you do at your camp to preserve your amazing moments in camping?