Give Your Summer Camp Staff EVERYTHING They Need to Succeed

It's all in the details -- no matter how small - so . Don't forget to allow time in your training to talk about their time off! Here's an idea to help them make the most of the time off they receive (it will also offer them positive suggestions of what to do with their time):

  • Each day during Pre-Camp Rest Hour or Free Time, have a Senior Staff member drive a group of new staff members into the closest town (you will need to determine how many days you need to do this or if you need to send more than one vehicle at a time)
  • If you are on an island or the closest little town or village is too far away to get there and back in the allotted time, you can simply put on your creative thinking caps and have your senior staff members simulate your town (don't forget costumes, signs, a pretend car, etc.)
  • On this tour of the town, show your new staff members what is available to them: where the stores, banks and restaurants are located, where they can find the best places to shop, where to buy the best ice cream, etc.
  • Explain to them everything you think they might need to know: what they need to take to town with them, how they can get there, what time taxis stop running, where to find taxi numbers, what restaurants deliver to camp, the location of the closest ATM, etc
  • Have your senior staff member share other ideas of what other staff members do during time off (ex. learn to play guitar, work on practical skills at camp - with proper supervision, of course - go on hikes, swim across the lake, etc.)
  • End off the tour at a stop for an ice cream cone or popsicle for everyone to enjoy on the ride home

At a time during pre-camp when you have all your staff together, go over your expectations of their behaviour during time off.  Be very specific.  Outline any items in your staff contract you want to be sure are perfectly clear.  Discuss ideas with them which would continue to further your positive relationship with the community.