5 NEW Tips for Social Media Marketing Your Summer Camp - Part 2

How do I use social media to market my camp?

On January 29th, 2010, Travis presented his 5 NEW Tips for Social Media Marketing Your Summer Camp to a packed room at the Ontario Camps Association conference.   The presentation is full of practical tips for camps who are looking for immediate actions that they can take to improve their online marketing campaigns.

5 Tips

The five tips include (click here to watch the AWESOME! introduction):

  1. Tell visual stories
  2. Love your alumni
  3. Be a better blogger
  4. Remember your "call to action"
  5. Make the most of your Facebook Fan Page

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Tip 1 - Tell Visual Stories (part 2 of the series)

Coming Monday: Part 3 - Tip 2 Love Your Alumni

If you are interested in ways that your camp can improve your social media marketing strategy please fill in the form (click here) for a free 15 minute consultation. You can also call (519.532.7366) or email Travis (travis@walkingmaverick.com).