Pitching Summer Camp To Parents

Selling Your Camp To The Right Parents


You can picture this, right?  You are standing at a camp fair or after a presentation at a community centre, you have a mittful of brochures and a mother comes up to you and says: Please tell me about your camp.

What do you say to a parent that can make them want to let you look after their child? How do you convince them? Pitch A or Pitch B?

Pitch A

We are a leading summer camp provider in our area.  We have 200 beautiful acres nestled in Muskoka.   Our camper/staff ratio is 2:1 and our activities include A&C, swimming and archery.   Would you like to send your kids to our camp?

Pitch B

We do we believe in order to be come great leaders children need to practice those skills.   Schools just don't have the resources to give kids the experience required to be come great at this skill that they will use for the rest of their lives.

At our camp we empower our campers and staff to practice being a leader by giving them a tool make great decisions.  In everything we do at Camp Camphacker must pass the 4 S's Test.  They must answer YES to all four questions in order to do any activity at our camp: Is it Safe? Does it promote other's Self Esteem? Is it good Stewardship of the environment? and Does if make you a Servant of others?

Would you like to send your child to a camp like that?

What does your pitch to camp parents sound like?