Go for Whoo! Not Whoah – Representing Yourself Online

Representing Yourself and Your Camp Online

In the modern, connected world responsible summer camp staff understand that what they do online reflects on their summer camp employer AND will reflect on them for years to come.

In this new one-hour session, created for the staff of the day camps of Simcoe County, Ontario, I touch on some examples of people who have been fired for what they have chosen to do online.   But that is only a small part of this session.  The majority of the time is spent showing examples of great things that young adults have created and posted online to have a very positive impact.

Go For Whoo?

Imagine yourself in the camp office nervously searching Google for the name of your new hire.   When you find their YouTube page you are thrilled to see that they write and perform their own music, they have created fun videos for a club at school and they have spoke out against bullying.  THAT is a “Whoo!” moment.   Let’s teach summer camp staff to have more of those.

If you would like me to bring this presentation to your camp staff please send me an email (travis@walkingmaverick.com) or call (519.532.7366).