Moving Forward After a Really Great Summer - Camp Code #46

Staff training after everything's gone beautifully


When things go wrong, we tend to analyze and question what could have been done differently and how to prevent these scenarios from playing out again. Sometimes, we have really fantastic summers when everything pretty much goes as, or better than, planned. These summers are worth reviewing as well to be sure to capture what is worth repeating, what should remain in that glorious summer, and what should change for the future. Was it a great one for you this summer? Tell us what you plan to do again using #CampCode.

Best Practice for Leadership Training

Remember the concept of maintenance! You may be focused on launching new programs and reviewing how to improve them in the future, but don't forget about the old standards that may need some upkeep. Often cleaning is a big part of maintenance. Clean out that arts & crafts closet. Have staff clean program supplies and gear regularly. Set aside time to clean your office and workspace, not only throughout the summer, but also DURING the summer. And if it's not you who has the time and space to do so, don't be shy about spending the money to get that cleaning and maintenance done.

Training at a Girls Camp - Camp Code #16

Leadership Training and Staff Orientation for Girls Camp

The Camp Code team addresses what makes all-girl camp different and how to train your staff to embrace those differences to foster the best experience for participants. This is an episode for anyone who has females on staff, not just those in a single gender environment. Listen in for insights on exactly what it is that women want and how to empower your female leaders.

A Best Practice for Leadership Training

Credit those who came before you. When there are camp traditions that were started by a person, share the names of those individuals in that story. Camp is a social place where relationships are the priority. And these relationships become legend through story telling. Teach your campers the oral history of camp.  No matter how many times they hear it, every time it will help participants develop a tie to all that came before them, and perhaps inspire campers and staff to create a story that will be told long after they are gone.

Building Your Summer Camp Leadership Team - Camp Code #15

Summer Camp Staff Training for Senior Staff

Every director needs that group of people who can be there when they can’t be. These staff members are the eyes and ears of the director and must be capable of seeing and hearing the needs of the staff and the campers. Camp directors need teams of people who fully understand the camp’s philosophy and mission and who not only know what needs to be done to fulfill it but are passionate about the work to be done.

A Best Practice for Leadership Training

Look for leadership team members who want to have their own staff members succeed. That leadership team candidate must be capable of doing the frontline job but even more importantly, he or she must understand the value of letting others stand up and be in the spotlight.