Identity - Because of Summer Camp #7

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Camp Teaches Us About Our True Identity

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Welcome back to the Podcast!

Looking to the finding of your identity we explore how camp can really be an excellent vessel for young people to find who they are.

This episode we welcome Paul “Blox” Denyer who is someone who has truly had camp influence where he is today in his profession as a plumber. 

Camp allows us to find a blox says it “be ok with who you are” and ensure you are comfortable within your own skin. This comes through multiple facets such as the multitude and varying skill sets that we all get to try and attempt at camp, accompanied with role models who aren’t afraid to be wrong.

In many facets of society being a jack of all trades, or at least someone who is willing to give most things a shot, isn’t appreciated as greatly as it could be. Realistically there aren’t many places where young people can try a whole bunch of new skills without the fear of further judgement or consequences based on what they are doing. At camp kids are encouraged to try and make mistakes allowing them to explore new potential passions, thus truly enabling them potentially to find their own personal identity.

One of the main reasons that camp does this so successfully is by having goofy, mistake making role models for our young people. In many cases there is a sense of autonomy whereby the staff at camp allow kids to make mistakes because although campers respect the staff at camp, in many cases they don’t fear them, in fact, they feel supported by them.

With a community backing them and role models who are also actively learning and are vocal with their mistake making, how can camp not provide opportunities to try and better self identify?

Camp helped Blox realize its ok to be you, jump around and be silly use silly voices and focusing on whatever skill set is the one you want, what could camp do for the kids of next summer?

Have a great day!

Thanks for the podcast, friends!


Tangible Take-Aways - Applying camp’s lessons to your life

Blox - Try to find one moment to compliment someone and try to help people be set on the right track. 

Arae - Take a moment to reflect and do some gratitude journaling, write 5 things you are thankful for, 3 things you are proud of and one goal. Do this daily! Its good for you!

Iscus - Look through your social media, look at whether or not what you are posting is a true representation of who you are. See what your "Social Media Subtext" says about you!

Please feel free to comment below on how you did with our challenges. Good luck!

Your Hosts

Paul Denyer, Former Camp Site Manager, Plumber

Matt Honsberger, Co-Host - The Because of Summer Camp Podcast

Ian Paton, Co-Host - The Because of Summer Camp Podcast