"Vision Tour" begins Tomorrow - Camp Helps With New Skills - still...

Doesn't everything begin tomorrow?

I'm sitting watching the Green Bay Packers playing perfect playoff football and thinking about my first Vision Talk tomorrow morning.

Tomorrow I start the "Vision Tour".

Pearce Williams Christian Centre has a 10 year vision, thus the Vision Tour. This is an exciting time - yet also a confusing time - because I don't know where to begin with making a 10 year vision come true.

The excitement of having a plan - a plan that you can use for all decisions that need to be made at camp - is a great energy boost. It is great to be able to always refer back to the plan. If an opportunity presents itself to Pearce Williams, the plan is consulted, if it fits into the plan then we can work with it and move forward; if the opportunity does not fit into the plan, then we can pass on it.

What excites me most, is also what scares me most - how do you make a plan come true? Especially a plan that involves a $6 million price tag.

What I have learned so far is that I have a lot to learn. I have started to attend more workshops which focus on fundraising - really big fundraising. We have split the vision in to 3 phases - it is a 10 year vision -we do not need to accomplish it all right away.

I feel that this challenge is a great growth opportunity - not only for camp, but also for me to grow and learn more skills. Camp has given me the opportunity to learn many things - this is just one more.

It begins tomorrow...