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CampHacker Podcast at the TriState Camping Conference

speak directly to your summer camp clients is planning to go to TriState 2011 and we’d like to invite you to be a sponsor of this awesome summer camp recording roadtrip.

The Plan:

  • Travel to the TriState Camping conference in Atlantic City, NJ, March 15-18, 2011
  • Produce 3-5 shot audio or video shows per day featuring the camping professionals and vendors at the conference (the largest camping conference in the world).  Picture something like the TWIT coverage of CES (if that’s some crazy-moon-man language... click the link to see).
  • Interview as many of the keynote speakers as we can
  • Release the shows on, YouTube and Vimeo over the three weeks following the show.

We Are Looking For:

  • A company who sells products to summer camps and cares about building up the camp community
  • A visionary decision maker to say “Heck, yes! Our Awesome Company can be a part of the CampHacker program and partner to make great video and audio podcasts.  It’s a GREAT way to use social media to reach potential clients!”
  • You.

What’s the Catch?

Nothing weird, we promise.  There are two levels of sponsorship available:

  • Title Sponsor ($3000 Canadian) - Exclusive! You own us. For the duration of TriState, the show will be called “The Your Company CampHacker Show”.
  • Advertising Sponsor ($900 CA) - only 4 spots available.  Your Company will get a “commercial” in each audio and video piece produced at TriState - read by our host, Travis Allison.  Plus... (yes, there’s more!) an in-depth interview/commercial that will play on speaking about your very own amazing products.

Who Are These Awesome People Making This Weird Request?  We’ve Never Heard of Anything Like It In The Camping Industry and the CampHacker Podcast are the brain-childs of Walking Maverick Consulting.

CampHacker is the only regularly produced podcast and video show for the camp industry in North America (maybe even the world!).

Walking Maverick Consulting is run by Beth and Travis Allison, Summer Camp Experts with 15 years of running camps in Ontario, Canada.

Stop With the Silly - Give Me The Numbers

Although we have been around and blogging on for a few years, in the past eight months we have concentrated on building our audience of summer camp professionals from around the world (and you know how hard they can be to get a hold of).

In the past 8 months we have had:

  • 1200 views on each blog posting
  • The average time on 2:17 minutes
  • 695% growth in unique visits/month
  • 334% growth in Pageviews
  • 110% determination to make this a great TriState conference for you, our sponsors.

Thank you very much for considering this.  Travis will be in touch with you to find out your answer.  With the number of businesses considering this opportunity, you don’t want to take too long to think it over!

Tool of the Week - Standing Desk - CampHacker #8

So my tool of the week is a Standing Desk.

I have been using once for the past few months. Research shows that standing desks are healthier, and can expand your life expectance. If you have some basic woodworking skills they are easy to build.

I bought mine - an old post master desk. Here is a link to a photo of my set up in the camp office. Notice I also have a ball to sit on - not a chair - I haven't used the ball in a while. Eventually might lose the other desk...