Cutting back on sugar at camp


As child care givers we should be considering the effects of childhood obesity on our campers.

At Camp Oureau (the girls camp that Gabrielle Raill's family runs north of Montreal) they have made some great decisions about health and food in their dining hall.   One of my favourites: instead of sugary juices they put out ice water and bowls of lemons and limes at lunch and dinner.

There was a big take-away from what Gab said: kids and parents didn't care.  The Ouareau kitchen and directing staff were a little worried that kids wouldn't drink the water and would complain.  Turns out... no.

(I am spending the first couple of hours this morning editing the CampHacker podcast and I wanted to highlight a brilliant idea from CampHacker podcast host Gab.)

What changes will you make in your kitchen this coming summer?