Marketing Non-Season Camp Programs (an excellent summer camp resource) has just posted a great new video about off-season revenue programs.   Featuring Susan Coker, a summer camp marketing consultant (can anyone help me find a link to Susan? Would love to post a link to her site), this video walks us through the process of beginning to market an off-season program.

Susan Coker's 12 Steps to Marketing for Non-Summer Groups

  1. What is your goal for growing your off-season business?
  2. Assess the strengths & opportunities of your group
  3. Plus your pluses
  4. What is your target market?
  5. ...

To see the rest of the steps (and the next 3 videos from this talk) click through to

I'm so pleased that these videos are up on CampLeadership because they tie so nicely in with our last discussion on the CampHacker Podcast -

New Sources of Revenue for Summer Camps