So Sexy So Soon - CampHacker Interview with Jean Kilbourne

Stunned, angry, flabbergasted, determined, inspired - just a few of the feelings I had during the key note presentation of renowned author, speaker, and filmmaker, Jean Kilbourne.  A pioneer in the study of the image of women in advertising, she spoke to us on the last day of this year's Tri-State Conference about the graphic messages of sex and sexiness in the media and popular culture.  She walked us through graphic images found in magazines, showed clips from tv shows and youtube, and brought us face to face with the reality facing our campers today.  Her latest book, So Sexy So Soon, like her presentation, gives us concrete strategies and empowers us to educate our children, our staff, and ourselves so that we, too, can turn the world around.

In addition to hearing her speak, I had the privilege of interviewing her for CampHacker.  Studying her work for many years and knowing of her impressive history, I must admit I was quite intimidated.  I was even nervous sending the email to ask her for an interview.  To my delight, she was very accommodating and happy to take part.  Like us, she understands the great value found in a camp experience and is a huge supporter of what we all do.  Jean credits her own camp background with playing a significant role in her development. It was an honour to meet her.

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Zappos Interview Questions... and your summer camp hiring process

Tony Hsieh, the visionary CEO of @Zappos, put out a great book this spring called Delivering Happiness (Jenn wrote about it here, on


The idea behind the book is two-fold: 1) Telling Tony's life story and, 2) talking about how Zappos got started with it's customer service focus.

There are lots of great stories to inspire camp directors to focus their camp culture on customer service and being remarkable but I loved this little clip that illustrated Zappos' thinking about hiring different (click on the picture for full-sized scan) .

What Questions Do You Use in An Interview to Find the Right People?