Joanna Warren Smith - CampHacker interview

Simple ways to increase camper retention


I was so excited to have a chance to interview camp consultant, Joanna Warren Smith, for this special edition of the CampHacker podcast. Joanna's work with camps focuses on building a well-thought out summer camp program so that campers will want to return year-after-year and will be great ambassadors for your business. Listen here: 

3 Tips for Summer Camps

Joanna was kind enough to offer us 3 quick tips for marketing your camp.

  1. Remember - You can make a difference in the retention rate for your camp.
  2. Be able to answer this question from a parent:  Why should I choose your camp over this other camp? (make sure that EVERY staff member can answer this question.)
  3. Make all of your communications as exciting and meaningful as possible.

Bonus Tip

  • Have a Quality Control position: hire a summer staff member who's only responsibility is to be in the field mentoring and encouraging staff to be at peak performance .

About Joanna:

Joanna has visited hundreds of private and not-for-profit camps in the United States and internationally.  She has acquired a unique industry perspective of best business practices and is passionate about the positive impact that a quality camp experience can have on a child.

Ongoing focus groups with children, teens and parents have enabled Joanna to understand their expectations of camp, what motivates families to inquire, purchase and return.  Through individualized strategies, Joanna has enabled new programs to develop, assisted troubled businesses in their efforts to survive and has been instrumental in the continuing success of established camp and year-round operations.

To hire a camp consultant get in touch with Joanna.