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Many of your summer camp peers realize that the best possible marketing tactic is to teach people. By teaching (something we are great at!) parents about summer camp in general we can demonstrate to our potential clients that we are knowledgable, smart, (maybe funny), and we can talk to kids.   All of this leaves the lasting impression that we are great leaders and trustworthy to send their kids to.


With thanks to Dave Bell from CampLeadership.org, I found this web page from Beber Camp in Mukwonago, Wisconsin. It is a brilliant example of Teaching as Marketing.   I'm certain that this page has been crafted to help parents who's kids are already signed up but the genius of it is what it says to potential client families.

What we can learn from Beber (click the thumbnail image to see it full-sized)

  1. Breadcrumbs - this is a great website usability (and Search Engine Optimization) trick.  Not specific to today's Teaching as Marketing lesson but... people find it helpful to be reminded of how they arrived at a web page.
  2. Visual Medium - don't forget that the web is primarily a visual medium and we need to balance text with images.  Besides, pictures of smiling kids at your camp gives readers a good impression.
  3. What Parent's are Looking For - by acknowledging that parents need this info (and have many questions) Beber establishes some trust.  Parents will feel respected if you let them know that they are not the only ones with questions.
  4. Credibility - Beber Camp has further reassured parents of the thought put into this page by alluding to the fact that real-life-experts have contributed to the material.
  5. Referral Credibility - Not only does Beber have "expert" contributors they have been recommended by actual parents - ones just like the reader.
  6. Perusability - Notice how usability is the root of this word? This page is setup so that parents can easily find what they are looking for.  Plus: it shows them things that are available that they may not have even thought of yet.

The Next Step in Teaching As Marketing

When you write your brilliant Parent page - be sure to reference this page in all of the material that you send out to potential client families.

What do you do to show that you are a leader?