Camp Staff Training Activity - Map Your Life

Life Maps Allow Camp Staff to Tell Their Own Story


This activity takes about an hour and a half in total.  You will need a large sheet of newsprint per person (if you are using poster-sized newsprint, cut each sheet in half) and lots of scissors (one pair per person, if you can), glue and magazines (try to collect a variety of magazines from fashion to sports, home decor to adventure, etc.).

Turn on some great music in the background while you do this activity. Ask each person to take a look at the magazines and rip or cut out all the words and pictures that speak to them.  Ask them not to think about it too much; just react.  They will then glue all of them onto their own sheet of newsprint.  This can take up to an hour. You would not think it will take this long but they will enjoy discussing all the things they find, the ads in the magazines, and the search.

Be sure to give them 10 and 5 minutes warnings of when you expect them to be finished.  On your signal, ask them to pair up with someone they do not know very well and share their “map of life”.  Ask them to explain why they chose these words and images and why it is displayed as it is.

After both partners have had a chance to share, ask the members to examine their own work.  Ask them to decide what is important to them, what is missing in their life and what they want to change.  Have them WIBYT (Write It Before Your Talk - Thank you, Michael Brandwein!) these thoughts in their journals; explain they will not be shared with anyone.