Summer Camp Program Ideas

Great Summer Camp Program Ideas

Great Summer Camp Program Ideas

Check out what Laura & Jack made for you!

We have a new booklet available, exclusive to you, our newsletter subscribers. [Download it now]

Camping Coast to Coast has been roaming North America gathering up the best summer camp ideas and sharing them with us on their website and at conferences.   

Now they have gathered up ideas in to a new ebook only available to CampHacker Newsletter subscribers.

Download 15 Fresh Games from CampHacker here

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Travis' Note: You may have noticed that we are strengthening our partnerships with Jack & Laura from Camping Coast to Coast, as well as James Davis from Our 3 organizations have spent a lot of time this spring talking about ways we can work together to build up professionalism in the Camp Industry.

We have BIG PLANS.

This camp games booklet is just one of our new "products" we will be producing together.  If you're on the email mailing list you will have noticed that James has taken on the editor role and will be putting out new content for CampPros every week.