Mike "Stewy" Stewart, Camp Wenonah

Mike "Stewy" Stewart, Camp Wenonah

The CampHacker Playbook (formerly EVO) process was the spark that inspired us to re-imagine and recreate our online presence.  We were given simple, easy to understand tools that helped us envision a new Camp website.  And we were challenged to expand our reach on social media in meaningful ways that connected with future and current campers and parents.  We highly recommend the CampHacker Playbook for anyone looking to develop a modern presence online for their company!

~Mike (Stewy) Stewart, Camp Wenonah


Time to think about marketing your summer camp

Do you need more campers for next summer?

It's that time of the year when summer camps dig in for a long season of getting ready for next summer.

You know that to build a strong online marketing presence means having a clear, well thought out plan. One challenge many organizations face is figuring out where they're starting from so they can figure out where to go. Have you ever been in that situation? We see so many people wrestle with this, and Travis has seen it as well. What's great about Travis is that he went and built the solution so many people were looking for. 

One of the great contributions that Travis has made to social media is the creation of a diagnostic process called "CampHacker Playbook".

The Playbook gives you an in-depth, unbiased assessment of your current online presence. It shows you what others see when they look at you online. It walks you through the key analytics in a way that will help you take concrete actions. 

In fact, the CampHacker Playbook is full of best practices that you can implement right away. It gives you an extraordinary level of detail about your organization and presents it in a way that will make it easy for you to get to work with confidence and clarity. 

We're so excited the beginning of the new camp year, that we'd like to celebrate by making the Playbook available to you. By now you understand how important it is and you can probably already imagine how you can put it to use. The CampHacker Playbook includes the following: 

  • A comprehensive assessment of your online presence
  • Comparison against your major competitors
  • Analysis of the findings
  • A full-length, 45 page written report
  • Detailed, specific actions you can take immediately to improve your online presence
  • Two one-hour debrief calls to help you interpret and implement the findings 

We've looked and there's nothing quite like the Playbook  If this is something you know you need, then -- as they say -- this is your lucky day. The CampHacker Playbook is available for $750 to anyone who clicks the link below. 


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