Matthew Smith, Longacre Leadership

Matthew Smith, Longacre Leadership

Sometimes our pace makes it's hard to think about 12 months out, 24 months out. Travis makes sure we're pushing in the right direction. With how fast digital marketing is changing right now, his guidance is invaluable. I'd sooner reduce my own salary than cut him off. 

~Matt Smith, Owner/Director, Longacre Leadership

Camp Consultant

Although our work for summer camps is very different (Travis focusses on camp marketing and Beth on staff training) we are united in our passion for what camp produces: committed, passionate children and young adults with the grit to take on life.

Camp is all about the power of people and relationships to transform any one.

We take two different approaches (so CampHacker, the company is well-rounded!) to one solution for summer camps: telling your story.

Camp Marketing  

For the past seven years, Travis has been creating and refining the CampHacker Marketing System (a broth of Simon Sinek, cooked with John Jantsch's ideas from the Referral Engine and spiced up with techniques honed to speak to parents).  He has trained camp directors and year-round leaders from across North America.

The CampHacker Marketing System 

Camp consultant - the CampHacker Marketing System

Staff Training for Camps

Beth's super-power lies in impacting young-adult leaders.  Her presentation style (with easy to remember mnemonics!) and variety of camp experiences make her the perfect outside voice to reinforce your camp's ideals with your counsellors and senior staff.

She is committed to camps who create life-long transformations in their campers and their staff.

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