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Summer Camp Speaker / Presenter

Tell Your Story - Keynote (30 min - 2 hours)

Going from "camp"  to "Oh, Wow, THAT CAMP!"

Some summer camps are still practitioners of the old campfire tradition: telling great stories.
I find that that skill set is diminishing. When I go to visit camps in the summer I rarely see that awesome moment of kids leaning forward in anticipation while a leader holds them in wrap attention with tales of adventure or of heroes overcoming great odds.
We're missing something very important. 
That storytelling skill will be the one thing that we can do to fight the malaise of our industry: camp is dying.
In this keynote address, I will be talking about ways to tell the amazing stories of the transformation power of camp and showing some cool examples from the world of summer camp (and beyond!)
Together we can save camp! 

Camp is Dying - Heroic Measures for a Life Saving Industry

With all my heart I believe that summer camp is running full-tilt toward a cliff.    That crisis is one that we have created ourselves - we LOVE camp but we can't SELL camp. 

In a world that no longer sees the value of summer camp we have stuck to our old messages.

In this session you will learn how to apply "business world" lessons on reaching new audiences and explaining a complicated product in simple terms.  This presentation will be a mix of lecture and facilitated discussions to that you will take home a 10 Point Plan for the finding new campers in the next 18 months.

Summer Camp: The Gilgamesh of the Modern World

To families who have no summer camp experience, what we do is INCREDIBLY WEIRD.  In some cultures sending your children away to by "raised" by others is just shameful.  To many people White Hot American Summer IS summer camp. 

As CampPros, we know in our hearts that summer camp is an experience that every child needs. 

In this session, Travis Allison will walk through a practical process of preparing to speak to new camp families – a way that will help them true understand the benefit that you have to offer their child.

We've got great stories!

The Surprising Power of Passionate Parents...Partnering Without Pain

How many times have you heard a camp director friend say "This job would be so great... if there weren't so parent's involved!" or "I spend all of my time just dealing with parents. I can't get anything done".

We think there is a way to have a great relationship with your camp's parents and still focus on developing a transformative program for their children.

Effective partnerships with parents involve: figuring out what gives them stress and communicating how camp solves that problem; looking at your current camp families and figuring out which parents have been your best allies today - then getting more of them.

Last Minute Marketing for Your Summer Camp

There are many things you can do, even in the spring of the year, that can increase the number of kids at your camp this summer.   

Although we all hope to have our summer sessions full early in the year, many families do not begin to think of summer activities for their children until the snow is off the ground.   Google records a big spike in the numbers of searches for "summer camp" starting the beginning of April. 

In this presentation Travis Allison will share some of the best ideas that he has collected for having immediate impact on your camper numbers.   Many of these have been tried and tested with his clients (non-profits, agency and private camps), some are brand new ideas that camps are trying out this year. 

Wonderful Word of Mouth

Improving The One Strategy That Is Consistently Working For You
Every camp leader knows that Word Of Mouth is a great source of new campers.  Those are the best new campers each summer: they know how camp works, they are more comfortable when they arrive and they come back year after year.
How can we get more of those campers?  By developing a referral marketing system that helps your best clients do what they are already doing - telling others what a great camp you run.
In this session you will get the foundation for a solid system that will bring you great campers.

What Lady Gaga Can Teach You About Marketing Summer Camp

Little Monsters - one thing camp people have in common with Lady Gaga. No, I'm not referring to our campers, I mean that we have affectionate nicknames for the important people in our life.
Lady Gaga is a top-selling music artist because she is amazing at building and looking after her community (whom she calls her Little Monsters).   Camp Leaders can learn a lot (and will in this session) from how Lady Gaga's treats her True Fans.

10 NEW Things Every Camp Must Do On YouTube

YouTube is an essential marketing tool for any summer camp that wants to be relevant to today's families.   Research shows us that customers are 65% of the way through their buying decision before they will pick up the phone to call a camp.    This means that you must use any tools you can to answer ALL of their questions before they make the first contact with you.
By carefully crafting your YouTube strategy using these 10 strategies you will be one of the camps that parent's will consider.

What Everybody Wants to Know About Great Alumni Relations (with Tom Holland)

Follow our simple formula reach out to your camp alumni and make them feel like their contributions mattered. By helping this pool of your biggest fans understand that they will always be remembered and always welcome, you will both benefit in countless ways. Tom and Travis' camp alumni programs have raised millions of dollars, have created a boon of eager volunteers and have helped camps powerfully expand their marketing impact.

I Just CAN'T Get Everything Done! (Hint: You Can With These Strategies)

Summer camp leaders are always challenged to do more with less.  In this session Travis will show some simple tips and tools to organize your time and your work space so that you have a greater sense of what needs to get done and how you will do it.
Result: getting more accomplished with MUCH less stress!

6 Simple Strategies You Can Use to Reach Families Who Don't Understand Camp

Explaining the value of summer camp to Parent's who don't understand.

As CampPros, we know in our hearts that summer camp is an experience that every child  NEEDS. Why then are we so terrible at telling that story? In this session, Travis Allison will walk through a practical process of preparing to speak to new camp families – a way that will help them true understand the benefit that you have to offer their child.