A 'HINT' to Get More Campers Now (Clue: It involves an Emotional Trigger) - Joanna Warren Smith

Memorial Day means that summer is here.

Parents Unanimously Agree!  And for some parents, this reality engenders an 'OMG!' response because they have no idea what their kids are going to do during the school vacation.


  • Create a powerful statement about what your camp experience does for kids.  Combine it with 2 or 3 terrific visuals in a postcard (preferred) or an email communication that issues a 'Call to Action' for parents to register now.  If you must do an email, work on an 'evocative' subject line that includes the phrase 'your child'.  The goal is to intrigue parents so that they read your message.
  • Send the communication on May 31 or June 1.  Target 2015 and 2014 families not yet enrolled, all 2016 inquiries plus all parents you met at camp fairs or events since September.  If you are part of an organization like the Y, also send your communication to your full membership.

You'll have to hustle to make this happen in a few days, but if you've got open slots, it will be worth the effort.   Have a great, SAFE summer.


Do you have an issue you want to tackle before the summer starts?  Give me a call at 310-451-1876 or email joanna@camp-consulting.com

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