A Hint to Increase Your Camp Enrolment - Joanna Warren Smith


Parent's Want to Be Courted by Joanna Warren Smith. Photo Credit: Travis Allison, CampHacker

Parent's Want to Be Courted by Joanna Warren Smith. Photo Credit: Travis Allison, CampHacker

In focus groups, parents are eager to share the details of their camp selection process. 

Unfortunately, a majority report that at least one of the camps that they were considering ignored their requests for information and a number of the others never followed up or ‘courted’ them to the sale.   Parents also indicated that when they received information, their names were often misspelled and when they spoke with camp reps on the phone, they were treated rudely and rushed.
The camps that made the final cut were the ones that were confident, proactive and accessible.  The camp that was ultimately selected helped parents see what the ‘return on investment’ would be for their child.
Take Action Now

  • Assess your ‘new inquiry’ protocols.  Listen carefully to your reps who speak to parents on the phone and in person.  Study the chronology, content and ‘warmth level’ of communications that parents receive via your website, snail or email.  Determine if it is REALLY EASY for parents to indicate interest via your website.  Parents are 'totally turned off' to the camps that request detailed sign-in information.  They want to easily ask a question and many like the 'chat' option.  Too many parents have indicated that they simply cannot find phone numbers anywhere.
  • Confirm that each and every inquiry is captured and stored.  Essential information includes email, parent’s name, child’s name/age and date of inquiry.  If you can secure the address and phone, that’s even better.
  • Determine a revitalized ‘new inquiry’ chronology of communication.  Establish a style that will set you apart from other camps.  Standardize your series of verbal, snail and email communications to be SUCCINCT, warm, professional and confident of what a parent’s ROI will be when they send their child to your camp.  Respond to all inquiries immediately.  Build relationships, ‘partner with parents’ through the selection process and ‘court’ them to the sale.

Treat each and every prospective parent with respect and you’ll significantly increase your ‘inquiry to conversion’ rate.

Happy New Year!  Here’s to a great summer in 2016 …



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