A personal letter from Travis

I'm Travis Allison from CampHacker.  I've dedicated myself to bringing the world of camping together, to helping raise the level of professionalism in our industry, and to making camp a priority for every child.

I've had this dream for years to create an online forum for camp pros, a website where members across the globe could:

  • connect and exchange ideas
  • access information and training to increase their own level of professionalism
  • learn what's up and coming in the industry
  • and, get inspired to create really transformational moments at camp.

It was too big an idea for me to conquer alone so I gathered some other folks with a ton of different experiences and a burning passion for camp - James Davis, Jack Schott, Laura Kreigel, my wife, Beth Allison and now Scott Arizala.

Together, we created Go Camp Pro.  

We are excited to offer you written curricula, video courses, powerpoint presentations, and podcasts on everything from staff training to site maintenance, camper development to staff recruiting, fundraising to marketing and everything camp in between.  

Go Camp Pro also provides you an opportunity to be a part of our online community - chances to ask questions, share advice, and propose new ideas for future course material.  

We're driven to create new content every week and continue to grow our library based on our own expertise AND the issues you let us know you're struggling with.  

So that's what you're paying for.  People whose sole purpose it is to think about, research, and develop some of things you need to create but just don't have time for.  

We'd also like to give back to the camp community that was so open and helpful when we were all starting out. We're committing to putting new stuff out there for free.  We'll have interviews with experts in the industry who are generous enough to give of their time and brainpower as well as our CampHacker and Camp Code podcasts.  

Go Camp Pro is here to support you, the camp professional.  

It's a place where we can share and learn together.  

I hope you join us.

We've worked very hard to make Go Camp Pro affordable to every camp.  At $299 it is comparable to 2 night's hotel stay at a major ACA Conference.  

Many of our members have said that Go Camp Pro feels to them like a year-round Camp Conference!

With our new influx if Scott Arizala's Camp Counselor Insider material we've more than doubled the resources available to members.

Click to become a member of Go Camp Pro