A 'HINT' to Increase Your Summer Camp Sales - Joanna Warren Smith

Leverage the Potential of Every Camp Inquiry


At a conference last week, I was appalled to discover that a number of camps had no protocols in place for converting inquiries into sales.  Beyond getting information via phone, email or web inquiry and 'sending brochures', they did little else.

Please evaluate and refine your methodologies now to positively impact enrollments for 2015 and increase retention for 2016.  Develop 'intimate' relationships with first time campers and their parents.  Camper age does NOT matter and neither does your type of camp, it is all about the relationships that you cultivate in a very intentional manner. 


  • Thank parents immediately for their registrations.  The format can be automatic, but it should be warmly written and affirm for parents that they have made a good choice by selecting your camp.
  • Welcome the camper.  A fun postcard will help the camper relax about the 'ordeal' of coming to camp.
  • Promote access. Encourage parents to be in touch via phone or email if they have questions about the upcoming experience at your camp.
  • Arm your staff with FAQs.  And definitely train them to use an engaging and welcoming manner that puts parents at ease.
  • Communicate monthly with BOTH of your clients.  Parents will appreciate articles about camp and suggestions for preparing their children for camp.    Kids will be more excited about the resident or day experience if they are privy ahead of arrival to special language, traditions and even words to songs. If you have a parent handbook or guide, confirm that it is relevant to today's parents and consider a short, kid-friendly version.   

Remember, you are in the relationship-building business and the more connected you are with families, the more likely they are to purchase, return and refer others.

At this time of the year, I want to say how thankful I am to each and every one of you who make a difference in the lives of children.  Kids need camp more today than at any other time.  Camp is definitely the last safe place for kids to just be kids.

Enjoy the holiday with your families ...


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