A "HINT" for Wrapping Up Your Summer - Joanna Warren Smith

Scrutinize Your Summer Camp Product

Every Camp Director boasts that he or she had 'the best summer ever.' But even if that is the case, there had to be issues.  No program is perfect and 'good enough' is not the place at which to position your camp in a very competitive marketplace.


  • Debrief with your Leadership Team.  If you've already done this, great, but if not, get everyone together via conference call if necessary to pick apart the summer ... and encourage them to be brutal in their analysis.
  • Prioritize issues to be addressed.  There are 'no brainers' that can be easily fixed and those that will require more attention.  Take care of the obvious ones and focus on the 2 or 3 elements that will cause parents NOT to have their children return.  Solve those issues.
  • Market the changes to parents now.  Along with valid reasons for campers to return, mention the issues that have been resolved.

Consumers do not expect your product to be perfect, but they do have every right to expect that you will be constantly improving both the parent and  camper experiences.


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