Making Good Decisions as Summer Camp Staff Member


How do you inspire your summer camp staff (and campers) to make good decisions when you are not with them all of the time?

Give them a simple tool: The 4 S's Test (click the picture to see the full decision tree)

Beth came up with the 4 S Test as a way for us to empower our staff to make decisions in the same way that we would.   In order to do anything at camp you must answer "Yes" to all four of these Questions:

  1. Is it Safe?
  2. Is it good Stewardship of the environment
  3. Does it built a person's Self-Esteem?
  4. Are you being a Servant to others? (are you putting other's needs above your own?)

If you would like a tool, one that is proven to work, to build trust with your staff you are welcome to show them this decision tree (below) and we hope you adopt the 4 S's for your own camp.

How do you empower your staff to make good decisions at your camp?